Download nimh data with ndatools

In order to access NIMH Data Archive, users need to apply for an account using this link. Project PI needs to add the new user to their project for data access.

Follow the steps below to create the data package:

  1. Click on the top tab “Get Data”
  2. In “TEXT SEARCH” search ABCD
  3. Select the checkbox for the first result
  4. Click “Add to Workspace”
  5. Click the filter icon on the top-right corner
  6. Click “Submit to Filter Cart”
  7. Wait for this to finish (takes a while / unstable):
  8. Click “create data package/add to study”
  9. Select the data you want.
  10. Click on “create data package” at the bottom of the page
  11. Go to your account dashboard
  12. Click on “Data packages” to view a list of your packages

Install and use nda-tools for data package download.

#install Miniconda
mkdir ~/conda; cd ~/conda

#If you do not want default conda base env
conda config --set auto_activate_base false

#Install nda-tools
conda create -n nda-tools pip
conda activate nda-tools
pip install nda-tools

#Now you can download using nda-tools
downloadcmd PACKAGEID -dp -d /path/to/your/download/directory -wt NUM_OF_THREADS -v -u $USER -p PASSWORD

For large dataset, perform the download in a SLURM job. Below is a sample SLURM file named “”:

#SBATCH -n 16
#SBATCH --mem=100G
#SBATCH --time=7-00
#SBATCH -p week-long-cpu
#SBATCH -e job.%J.err
#SBATCH -o job.%J.out

conda activate nda-tools
downloadcmd PACKAGEID -dp -d /path/to/your/download/directory -wt 32 -v -u $USER

Then submit this job to SLURM.